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GREEN EGG STORE Coffee Drip Bag - Set of 5

GREEN EGG STORE Coffee Drip Bag - Set of 5


[Pre-order item - two weeks in advance]


GREEN EGG STORE Drip coffee bag
Set of 5 packs

Name: 黃兜
Description: Natural
Origin: Brazil Natural + Ethiopia natural
Flavor: Mild Chocolate, Caramel, Soft berries

Name: 屁屁花
Description: Flowery
Origin: Ethiopia Washed
Flavor: White Floral, Pomelo, Earl Grey

Name: 布紋球
Description: Bitter
Origin: Brazil Natural
Flavor: Cacao, Almond, Brown Sugar

Name: 象牙宮
Description: Clean
Origin: Colombia Washed
Flavor: Plum, Juicy, Green Apple

Name: 山烏龜
Description: Fruity
Origin: Ethiopia Natural
Flavor: Berries, Tropical Fruits, Soft Citrus


10g per pack x 5 packs


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