MAD et LEN - Ambre Nobile Candle

MAD et LEN - Ambre Nobile Candle


Product: MAD et LEN Ambre Nobile Candle

Color: Black

Weight: 300g

Burn Time: 60 hours

Size: w85mm x h70mm

Origin: France



Soy wax Ambre Nobile candle from MAD et LEN featuring a circular container with lid. 
Ambre Nobile : Amber, musk, honey, benzoin & resin.


Green Egg Story:

The raw craft tins of MAD et LEN impress everyone with its fresh and unique scented candle. People are captive to its scented soy wax in ancient rusty tin can. Enjoy this imperfect art piece by taking it home! 

Ambre Nobile : Scent your room with steady aroma.


產品:MAD et LEN Ambre Nobile 香薰蠟蠋



燃燒時間: 60小時

尺寸: w85mm x h70mm




MAD et LEN黑色圓形有蓋鐵罐,天然大豆蠟香薰蠟蠋。
Ambre Nobile: 琥珀、麝香、蜂蜜、安息香脂、樹脂的辛香。


Green Egg Story:

MAD et LEN 最吸引人之處莫過於其獨一無二的黑色鐵罐工藝及清新獨特的香薰氣味。古舊生鏽的鐵罐容器令人留下深刻印象,注入大豆蠟香薰蠟燭,好不完美的結合使人很想帶回家好好欣賞及享受其攝人香氣。
Ambre Nobile: 味道沉實。